Workshops & Panel talks

We have a wonderful variety of interactive workshops and panel talks at this year's Great Con-Junction. All of the activities listed below will take place at the main convention, Hilton Universal City, Los Angeles, Nov 12-13, 2022. 

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Costuming Panel 

The Great Con-Junction welcomes, for the first time together, a stellar group of

costumers, wig makers, fabricators, dyers and painters from Dark Crystal Age of Resistance.


The 12-person panel will have a lively and fun discourse about their role in helping create the unique experience, The World of Thra.    


They will discuss meeting the projects visionary direction, as well as the needs of puppeteers and production. This rare assembly of creatives is sure to have you in stitches! ;) Plus there will be time for an audience Q&A.


Panel Participants:

Julie Zobel, Head of Costumes

Jennifer Fournier, Costumer

Anneliese Boies, Hair and Wigs 

Sarah Skinner, Costumer

Alyssa Haynie, Costumer/Paint/Costume aging

Ruth Daughters, Costumer

Ratna Pappert, Costumer 

Lisa Davis, Costumer

Bruce Mitchell, Specialty Fabrication 

Tianna Gunderman, Costumer/Armor Maker

Wendy Polutanovich, Costumer

Kristin Dalleske, Costumer

Panel included in all pass types. No booking required.

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Starting your Novel - Writing Workshop with J.M. Lee

Just getting started with a manuscript and wondering what to do next -- or maybe not even sure how to get started? This 90-minute workshop with author J.M. Lee will cover introductory writing techniques such as first lines, setting the scene, and how to pick an outlining style that works for you. This workshop is suitable for all ages and experiences, but is geared toward writers who are interested in writing long-form fiction.

Tickets available here  

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Finishing your Novel- Writing Workshop with J.M. Lee

Starting a manuscript is a challenge, but sometimes pushing a rough draft through to THE END is even harder. This 90-minute workshop with author J.M. Lee will focus on finishing techniques for novel-length works of narrative fiction. We'll discuss breaking through writer's block, tying up plot points, and strategies for getting your narrative peak right where you want it. This workshop is suitable for all ages, but will be best for writers who already have a manuscript in progress.

Tickets available here 

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Podling Panel 


Brush up on your Podling for your next trip to Thra! Join Victor Yerrid (Puppeteer & Voice of Hup) and J.M. Lee, the creator of the Podling language used in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and learn some basic Podling words and phrases. Audience participation encouraged! 

This Panel is included in all pass types. No booking necessary. 

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Mystic Portrait - Illustration Workshop

The urRu. Mysterious, gentle, and wise. Study the stylings of these natural wizards and practice drawing their ancient ways with illustrator Cory Godbey. This 90 minute illustration workshop will feature an in-depth look at the design of the Mystics, a live drawing demonstration, and a hands-on drawing activity. Suitable for all ages and any skill level.

Tickets for this workshop available here

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Jim Henson’s Legacy: A Conversation with Cheryl Henson and Lisa Henson

Join Cheryl Henson (President, The Jim Henson Foundation), and Lisa Henson (CEO, The Jim Henson Company), as they discuss their father’s development and production of The Dark Crystal and explore the legacy of this work today. 

This Panel is included in all pass types. No booking necessary.