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Thames Con events, in association with The Jim Henson Company present


The Great Conjunction


After running an absolutely fascinating and enjoyable Dark Crystal inspired workshop with the very talented Louise Gold (Puppeteer) & Hugh Spight (Puppeteer) at our annual convention ‘Thames Con’, we decided it would be great to do a whole convention dedicated to the fans of The Dark Crystal. Because lets face it, Dark Crystal fans are the best!


This will be the very FIRST Official Dark Crystal convention in the UK (perhaps the world), and with the full support of the Jim Henson Company we are working hard to bring you a magical day you will never forget. 

The team behind this event are not only expert event organisers, but also massive fans themselves! 

The Great Con-Junction will bring together the mystical & wonderous, so that everyone can experience a little bit of Thra.. 

Unlike the Skeksis, we're not greedy! That's why any profits made will be donated to No Strings attached International.


'In all the places No Strings works in the world, experts believe that children are better able to thrive if they understand how bad things affect them, and what they can do to help themselves. It might be to do with loss because of conflict or disaster, and how to cope. It might be health related; about diarrhoea, malaria, or HIV. Or how to be safe where there are landmines, or during floods, cyclones or earthquakes.

No Strings assembles the messages these experts give us and turn them into spellbinding lessons played out through sometimes fun, sometimes moving, but always pithy and world class-quality puppet films.

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