Henson lot.jpg

Things to see & do at the Party! 

Special Guests

A chance to Network & Mingle with our special Guests

Live Music 

Live performances by special guests. 

Famous setting

The party is held on the Jim Henson Company Lot- not usually open to the public. Did you know that the Lot was originally Charlie Chaplin's Studio? 

Photo ops

Have your pic taken with the stunning Aughra Puppet from Age of Resistance & more! 

Themed Bar

Themed drinks available. Drinks are not included in the entry fee. 


Some special talks.. to be announced. 

Live puppet show

Live Puppet shows performed by special guests. 


We would love to invite you to dress up for this special occasion - either in your Cosplay, Dark Crystal apparel or Party outfits. 

More coming!

Lots more to be announced soon..

Ticket Pass' that include the Party on the Lot:  Mystic Pass, Skeksis Pass, Crystal Pass, Aughra Pass & Thra Pass.