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Vendors & Artist

Are you an exhibitor, Vendor or Artist looking to attend The Great Con-Junction: Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary Celebration? 

Please read the info below before submitting an application. If you have any questions not answered here, just drop us an email to 


Once you're ready to apply, please download the relevant form at the bottom of this page (either the WORD version or PDF) and follow the instructions on the form to send it to us. We'll do our best to get back to you asap (typically within 7 days). 

We have a very limited amount of space for Vendors & Artists at this event, unfortunately we won't be able to accommodate everyone that applies. Applications will be reviewed on a) first come first served basis, b) on suitability for this event and c) on variety i.e. we will not have more than one type of vendor. 


Which rooms will be used for exhibitors/vendors?

The convention is spread of two floors. The third Floor Ballroom A & B and the whole of the 4th Floor.  


Can I choose where to set up?

No, you will be allocated a table/booth before your arrival. We will aim to position your table/booth in the most appropriate place. 


Can I use any of the walls or space other than the table(s)?

No, please do not attach anything to the walls.  



Vendor/Artist parking is $10.00 a day plus tax. This must be booked though the event so please indicate if you require parking on your application form. 

Other venue information:

Please see our info page for more information regarding the venue, such as location and access.


What is the cost of a Vendor Booth/Artist table?

Artist Table: $200 

Vendor Booth: $400

What size are the tables?

A table is typically 6ft long and 2.5ft deep.


Are backing tables available? 


How many tables am I allowed? Are chairs provided?

Artists will be allocated 1 table and 1 chair, Vendors will be allocated 1 table, up to 2 chairs, and some additional space for displays etc typically 8-10ft. 


Can I use my own table(s)?


Can I bring my own displays?

You are welcome to bring you're own displays, shelves, roller banners, small props, etc. Please do not bring promotional flags or any trip/fall Hazards. 

Terms of use

All Vendors & Artists must have their own insurance. All Vendors and Artists are responsible for making sure their area is clean, tidy and free from hazards. All trash must go in the trash cans provided. We reserve the right to remove any one from the event if we feel they are acting in a way that is inappropriate or harmful to others. 

Seller Information

What can I sell?

Anything that is appropriate and relevant for The Great Con-Junction. We want to encourage variety, originality and convention classics, so please indicate what you will be selling on the booking form and we will review it. 

Can I sell Dark Crystal Merchandise?

You can only sell Dark Crystal merchandise at this event if it has been officially Licenced by the Jim Henson Company. 

I am an artist, can I sell fan art? 

Yes you can.  

Information on Passes

How many passes do I get with my booking? 

You will receive one Artist pass with an Artist booking and 1 Vendor Pass with a vendor booking. Vendors can request 1 additional pass for the price of $50 for the weekend. You can only request 1 additional pass. Additional passes must be requested on your application form. Artist/Vendor passes include entry to the convention and all free talks and workshops. They do not include any paid workshops, photoshoots or the after party. 

Other Information

What time is set up?

Set up will be from 7am on Saturday November 12th and break down will be from 6pm on Sunday November 13th. 

Is anything refundable if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel up to 8 weeks before the event you will receive a 50% refund. Any later and we will not be able to cancel you booking and refund you. 

Vendor/Exhibitor Application Forms
Artist Application Forms
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