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BRAND NEW Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock Funko Pop Red with Doozer Funko number 519 Signed By Karen Prell


About Red 

Red Fraggle (performed by Karen Prell in the live-action series) has an exuberant and athletic nature in contrast to her best friend Mokey. She is one of the best swimmers among the Fraggles. Red has a yellowish orange hue, red hair, and wears a red sweater. She is also highly cynical of her friends' plans and ideas, and often teases Gobo about his Uncle Traveling Matt (occasionally yawning while he reads the postcards, or incensing Gobo by calling Matt's adventures "Fiction", "Fairy Tales", etc.). While on the surface, she tends to be competitive, stubborn, arrogant, and rather insensitive, on the inside, Red has proven to be one of the friendliest of Fraggles, perhaps second only to Wembley. Red, like Gobo, wants to be in control, and there is often friction between them over who should be the one in charge (although she has admitted she secretly admires Gobo, and the two are mostly playful with each other). During the course of the show, Red and Mokey become roommates; they get off to a rocky start before improving their friendship.


About Karen Prell

Karen Prell is a puppeteer and animator. Born in Florida, she first worked with Jim Henson in 1979, performing Deena and other small roles on Sesame Street. She subsequently worked on the final season of The Muppet Show, assisting and playing various bit parts (such as the title character in "Rockin' Robin.") However, Prell made her greatest contribution performing Red Fraggle on Fraggle Rock, a role she has reprised for various events and ancillary productions.

Prell also performed on the Creature Shop films Dreamchild and Labyrinth. She was later one of the Creature Shop unit's Falcon puppeteers on Stuart Little 2.

In 1997, Prell transitioned into computer animation, working on several Pixar projects, including the shorts Geri's Game and For the Birds and features A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2. Other credits have included some of the CGI animation in Disney's Enchanted, work for Tippett Studio on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Son of the Mask, and Frank Oz's The Stepford Wives.


Funko comes in plastic funko protector. Guaranteed UK Christmas Delivery if ordered before 16th December. 


Fraggle Rock Funko Pop Red with Doozer 519 Signed By Karen Prell

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