Event Schedule

10.30am Doors Open & the magic begins!


10.30am - 12.30pm Signing Session Dedicated opportunity for you to get autographs & selfies.

12.00pm - 2.30pm Skeksis Banquet & Afternoon Tea Buffet style lunch, please help yourself. 

12.45pm - 1.20pm Q & A ‘Creation of Thra’ with Brian & Wendy Froud, Valerie Charlton, John Coppinger & Tim Clarke

1.30pm - 2.05pm Q & A ‘Children of Thra’ with Mike Edmonds, Lisa Maxwell, Stephen Garlick, Robbie Barnett and Kiran Shah.

2.05pm - 2.30pm Tea Break/free time

2.30pm-3.05pm Q & A ‘The Skeksis Lords’ with Tim Rose, Michael Kilgarriff, Mike Quinn, Steve Whitmire & Melissa Whitmire.  

3.15pm - 3.35pm Cosplay Competition

3.45pm - 4.20pm Q & A  ‘The Gentle Mystics’ – Toby Philpott, Simon J Williamson, Dave Barclay, Hugh Spight & Richard Slaughter.

4.30pm - 5.05pm Q & A ‘Fires of Resistance’ with Nick Kellington, Beccy Henderson, Victor Yerrid + Hup, Neil Sterenberg & Louise Gold (Raffle winner will be announced at the end of this panel).

5.15pm - 5.50pm Group Photoshoots

5.50pm - 6.30pm Signing Session Dedicated opportunity for you to get autographs & selfies.

6.30 Event closes, release the Garthim! 

Important info - please read

As you will see from the above there are dedicated times for getting autograph and selfies where no other activity is going on. HOWEVER the guests will be at their signing tables when they are not in a panel or having a spot of lunch so feel free to also get autographs & Selfies at any point throughout the day. 


Top Tip

We would recommend rushing around like a Landstrider in the morning and getting all of your autographs out of the way and then enjoy the panels. You can always go back to see a guest again later on in the day. 

Be a kind fizzgig

We would really like for everyone to have a lovely day, please be polite when speaking with guests and remember that some of them may be just as nervous as you! If you are at a guests signing table and there is no queue behind you feel free to ask the guest questions and enjoy a chat. If there's other people waiting to see the guest please be mindful of this and help us to keep the line moving, so that everyone gets a chance to meet the guests and get their autographs.